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Sometimes a smile is all it takes to make the day brighter, even more so if it comes from a child. Kep fighting oilman and mum and dad too and please add your donation to the fundraising yes it’s a nice idea to send the Damian lillard dame over shirt but hard cash in fundraising is what’s needed for these type of things. So hard to see children suffer from this disease which harms heart is with this child I am deeply devasted hope he will be well…he will recover..I lost my father who suffered from cancer now my sister in law faces hard days she has cancer too. hat a darling little boy.

Damian lillard dame over shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Damian lillard dame over Ladies


Damian lillard dame over Hoodie


No child should ever have to get cancer or any other terrible, life-threatening disease. He will still get hate for this, trust me on that! He’s a fraud they say, he’s lucky to drive The fastest car he’s no real champion, tax dodger. I could go on but I won’t. Met him, shook his hand a few times and he’s always been a decent bloke in my eyes but there are bigots, homophobes and a Damian lillard dame over shirt of ignorant people out there who seem to find him not to their taste, so they hate on him more than any driver out there!

Damian lillard dame over Tank top

Tank top

Damian lillard dame over Sweater


The hate pages on social media say it all for me..! But he does stuff like this all the Damian lillard dame over shirt but hardly gets mentioned! But it is what it is, young Harry is a star in my eyes and he is very inspirational! I have had cancer so I get it. I wish him well and thank and for giving this young boy their time And love.

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