Over these past few months Impeach Nancy Pelosi shirt . . I’m sure there was a vet nearby, but they just opted for the fastest easiest, most dishonorable and tragic way to remedy the problem. Lyn Slush No, they could’ve shot it with a tranquilizer and took it to a sanctuary or a zoo. All they are saying is that if that animal hadn’t been caught and forced to be at that circus this wouldn’t have happened. I like your personality, can i add you up so we can talk more privately. As sad as it is, that Zebra saved itself from a lifetime of hell being subjected to the circus life.

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We are Brady and Bianca Impeach Nancy Pelosi shirt. The mentality of these people that place the lives of animals over the lives of another human being is clearly demonic. This murder of kangaroos with a vehicle isn’t very sporting, nor was it licensed. Shut up is he sick yes will this escalate to human yes and now more so if he goes to prison and now he will make sure he doesn’t get caught.

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