Your demographic can play a role in KoalaFied occupational therapist shirt. I guess it’s just our job to supply the weapons of war and sit back and watch huhDonny. I bet you weren’t saying that when Trump went around Congress to sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars in weapons. Now the military and others are paying for the Wall with your money taxpayers. The Turks let us lease air bases and allow airspace corridors, but the Kurds have been fighting side by side with US forces in both Iraq and Syria for almost 20 years. Turkey is an ally on paper and they’re knowingly incorporating Russian defense technologies with our NATO offensive technologies. We are in debt of $22 trillion and have a lot of problems on our own.

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This is an easy one – if you’re on a budget and need a KoalaFied occupational therapist shirt. Trump wasn’t elected to be like idiotic presidents spending billions and Americans lives on wars that will go on forever. This happens in all administrations once we pull our troops out and leave the country to mend itself other countries take advantage. Sela Sela he said he was going to bring the troops home during his campaign 3 years ago. He cannot be trusted, most world leaders who backed him are slowly realizing this. If there’s anything Donald Trump is consistent in is his ability to turn his back on our allies. Would Love to see what trump got in return from Turkey for the impending slaughter of his not so wealthy allies.

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