My 9 year old cousin loves New Orleans Saints nurse headphone shirt . Now that he’s fired he can look for a job in a Christian school. My best teachers were always the ones who provided me with a safe space that I can talk to them and developed trust. You’re saying he should respect the student but where is the respect for his beliefs as well. His job is to educate students, whatever subject he teaches It is not his job to create a safe environment, just to clarify. If he wants to hang onto his beliefs so much, then he can go find a job at a religious school or find another line of work. Raelean Brassley Gay he is a teacher his job is supposed to put his students first, especially when it comes to their self esteem.

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Bruno Zevallos it’s not a PC agenda, it’s acknowledging the LGBTQ community because we aren’t going anywhere New Orleans Saints nurse headphone shirt. I remember when I was teaching there was a boy named Ricardo that liked to be called Kiki. Ilias Alafris so what you’re saying is, it’s ok for transgenders to expect us to stick to what they believe but we arent to stick to what we believe as well. If that’s his religious beliefs then he shouldn’t be teaching at a public school. I remember when I went to school the teacher always asked for our preferred name. It’s a public space and his job is to teach and create a safe space.

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