We’ve almost survived Smoke follows pretty people shirt. He needs to take some time off with some mental health workers for a long time. I don’t think they care much about anyone or anything if they enjoy torturing and killing an animal. Since you’re okay with taking human life over an animal lifeToyya Braskey knowing Australia he’ll get s slap in the wrist and paid leave. Sisi Pee, I most certainly do, however animals have no voice,they have every rite to roam this earth without the fear of being bludgeoned to death. Candie, I value life enough to respect that this awful act should result in punishment. I wish the victim that was killed in his own home by that ex cop had the same sympathy outpour as this wombat.

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Now on to the good stuff Smoke follows pretty people shirt. I have to admit, I couldn’t bring myself to read the article Not fit to wear the uniform. Ok, please stop explaining the culture and please can someone tell me if this idiot got into trouble. Dave Frankie Howard he wasn’t wanting to eat it he’s a scumbag Are you making this up. There are more humane ways to kill animals for Aboriginal food, if that’s what this was. Shame it’s is the very education outside state education they need to focus on that make them better. No matter how institutional educated they are, they seem to be even more cruel than any other creatures.

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